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November 28, 2020

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you the rest. Take my yoke upon and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For the yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

Dear All,

It is with our deepest sadness and sorrow to inform you that our beloved Mayor Romy Lim Salvame (April 18, 1954 – November 28, 2020), has passed away and joined our Creator yesterday, November 28, 2020 at 08:02 in the morning due to illness.

As it very untimely, we know that it is very difficult for us to face the death of our dearest Mayor Roy especially in this time of pandemic. Even in hospital bed, Mayor Roy makes calls to the officials and employees of the municipality to make constant reminders and making sure that the daily grinds of public service – which is prioritizing the well-being of Taytayanos are well placed.

He wanted to prioritize and ensure that the safety and wellness of all Taytayanos and their families are ensured in this pandemic.

We respected his wishes not to inform his beloved constituents of his hospitalization. Thus, this news comes at a surprise for each and every one, most especially his kababayans in Taytay.

For those of you who knew Mayor Roy, we ask that you remember and celebrate his benevolence, humility, leadership and kindness. For those who did not know Mayor Roy very well, we ask respect for your own sadness and support us with your understanding on this challenging times.

For those who want to see and pay their final respects to Mayor Roy, the details of the funeral are as follows:

Manila Viewing:

Dates: November 29, 2020 to November 30, 2020

Time: 8:00 to 22:30

Virtual Funeral Link: Click here

Location: Room 301 – Gumamela Sanctuarium, 739 G. Araneta Avenue, Quezon City

Taytay, Palawan Viewing:

Dates: December 3, 2020 to December 7, 2020

Time: 7:00 to 21:00 (December 7 – 12:00nn only)

Venue: T.B.D.

We know that you join us in extending our heartfelt sympathy to our beloved Mayor Roy, however, we have to be reminded of the safety measures in relation to this pandemic.


Yours Truly,

Salvame Family

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Estrella Del Norte Padyakeros http://taytay-palawan.com/estrella-del-norte-padyakeros/ http://taytay-palawan.com/estrella-del-norte-padyakeros/#respond Sun, 26 Jul 2020 01:32:23 +0000 http://taytay-palawan.com/?p=1282 The post Estrella Del Norte Padyakeros appeared first on Taytay Palawan.


The group started with a few people — Teacher Bamby Oquendo, Mommy Charyde Montejo, Mommy Roselyn Emolaga of the Divine Blessing Learning Center, Ms. Vhi-Ann Dayap, Mr. Richard Gajo and a frequent biker Mr. Roel “Dags” Flores.  Seeing regular posts on Facebook about everyday bike rides sparked the idea of creating an official bicycling enthusiasts group.  After some online discussions the first long ride that was agreed on and the group Estrella Del Norte Padyakeros was born.

With an initial purpose of leisure and fun especially in this time of the pandemic, as the group grew the mission became clearer: To promote healthy lifestyle among Taytayanons and encourage the community and the youth to be more active in cycling — a low impact exercise — that does not only bring a lot of good benefits but makes you discover beautiful areas in our beloved Taytay, Palawan.

The group is now composed of 30 members with a mixture of beginner and mid-level bikers.

One of the latest milestone of the group is having Mr. Ian Go, one of the pillars of Palawan Local Mountain Bikers, ride with the group to Lake Manguao.  Mr. Go shared his experiences and tips on biking.

There are scheduled rides on weekdays (about 30-45mins) as most of the members are employed.  The regular Saturday long ride meets at Gajo Motor Shop at So. Montevista, Poblacion with a call time of 5:30am and an afternoon ride at 4:00pm.  Sundays are for fun rides specifically for beginners and intermediate riders which is assisted by Mr. Alfie De Luna.  It starts at 4:00pm.

For more information about the schedule and meetings, visit the Facebook Page of Estrella Del Norte Padyakeros.

Estrella Del Norte Padyakeros on their ride to Lake Manguao

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Your PASAPORTE in La Estrella del Norte http://taytay-palawan.com/your-pasaporte-in-la-estrella-del-norte/ http://taytay-palawan.com/your-pasaporte-in-la-estrella-del-norte/#respond Tue, 21 Jul 2020 23:18:49 +0000 http://taytay-palawan.com/?p=1225 The post Your PASAPORTE in La Estrella del Norte appeared first on Taytay Palawan.


“Pasaporte” is a multi-purpose 26-page document that will be issued to tourists when they pay the conservation and sustainable tourism fee (CSTF) presently required by the municipality.

It will allow tourists to gain access to the town’s attractions while at the same time enabling the municipality to track their movements through the QR code that is scanned from the passport when they go to a destination.  It will also serve as a main guide material when exploring in Taytay where important information about its culture, history and its attractions, to include banking, restaurants, hotels, emergency numbers to call.

Instead of getting a ticket for the CSTF, you will get this Pasaporte as a souvenir.  When you visit one of the attractions, stayed at one of the accommodations, and dined at one of the restaurants in town, you will get a corresponding stamp.

To know more about Pasaporte, don’t hesitate to contact the Municipal Tourism Office.

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Taytay to enforce ‘carrying capacity limits’ on small island sites http://taytay-palawan.com/taytay-to-enforce-carrying-capacity-limits-on-small-island-sites/ http://taytay-palawan.com/taytay-to-enforce-carrying-capacity-limits-on-small-island-sites/#respond Mon, 04 Feb 2019 03:27:58 +0000 http://taytay-palawan.com/?p=830 The post Taytay to enforce ‘carrying capacity limits’ on small island sites appeared first on Taytay Palawan.

by: Aira Genesa Magdayao

Pabellon Grande and Pabellon Piqueňo are two limestone/karst islands located in Taytay Bay. These islands are popular for their white sand beach, pristine coral reefs, cave systems, and lagoons. It is also the site where the premium class nests of the Edible-nest swiftlets are gathered by residents, who are locally known as “boceadores”. (Photo borrowed from http://taytay-palawan.com/)

(UPDATED) The tourism council of Taytay town in northern Palawan is planning to impose carrying capacity limits to its ecologically sensitive small island destinations to ensure the protection of their environments and sustainability.

Taytay tourism officer Joie Matillano said Tuesday they are discussing the proposal to impose the “carrying capacity” now in the Municipal Tourism Council (MTC) along with the plan to turn the operations of other sites into community-based sustainable tourism (CBST).

“What we are doing now is preparing for the influx of tourists bago kami mag-promote aggressively. Kaya ngayon pa lang we are setting the carrying capacity limits on the environment. Sa critical attractions namin like the Pabellon Island Lagoon or Heart Lagoon,” Matillano said.

(What we are doing now is preparing for the influx of tourists before we promote aggressively. That is the reason why right now, we are already planning to set the carrying capacity limits on the environment. Like our critical attraction Pabellon Island Lagoon or Heart Lagoon.)

Closer view of the limestone precipice that forms part of the beauty Pabellon Island in Taytay, northern Palawan. (Photo borrowed from http://taytay-palawan.com/)

The municipal government, Matillano said, is looking at setting the limit for island visitors to around 30 guests per hour.

He said like other tourism destinations that are concerned about the impacts of high volume tourism, Taytay is choosing to start limiting visitor numbers to prevent environmental damage and negative impacts on the locals.

Matillano pointed out that they are promoting Taytay as a new destination in northern Palawan but they also want to protect “Taytayanos from being disenfranchised and overrun by mass tourism.”

He said through CBST, community residents can have faster economic growth and improved welfare and equity.

“We are taking it slowly but surely… I was with the Pambato tours in Honda Bay, firefly watching in Iwahig, and Ugong Rock in (Barangay) Tagabenit with Doc Gerry (Ortega) just a few days before he was gunned down… and I saw the pitfalls and success stories of those sites… that is why in Taytay, we really advocate for CBST that already has a set carrying capacity. It’s difficult to make some communities understand, but we are getting there,” he said.

Matillano believes that if the locals are given their share in the control and development of tourism in their communities, they will be empowered to protect not only their culture but their environment from being abused by uncontrolled mass tourism.

He said the goal is also to provide premium services and quality experiences to the tourists who are out in new places looking for authenticity or the idea of a destination being untouched.

“We will focus on providing premium services. We would rather cater to a manageable number of tourists that will have greater economic impacts. Isa pa (One more thing), if you are targeting to earn puwede mo ‘yon kitain (you can earn it) from the manageable number who will be willing to pay for authentic experiences,” Matillano said.

He added that promotion could be done overnight but the readiness of the community needs long preparation, as well as the handling of the possible social impacts of tourism.

Matillano said it is easy to advertise Taytay to attract tourists, but the question is the readiness of the town to handle the influx.

“Ang promotion madali lang but the question is how we will handle the tourists. Kung ano ang pacing ng community sa tourism dapat ‘yon ang masabayan kasi mahirap naman na i-push mo sila pero hindi naman ready. Social readiness ang mahabang preparation,” he said.

(Promotion is easy to do but the question is how we will handle the tourists. The pacing of the community should be equal to tourism promotion because it will be hard to push them if they are not ready. Social readiness needs long preparation.)

Taytay has five island resorts and two mainland hotels which all cater to high-end tourists.

Among its attractions are Fuerza Santa Ysabel de la Paragua (Fort Santa Isabel), Lake Manguao Municipal Conservation Area, Taytay Bay, Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape, Mt. Capoas, Liminangcong, Pabellon Island, and Cuyaoyao Nature Park. (with reports from Celeste Anna Formoso)


Source: Palawan News

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