Endowed with some of the most beautiful islands in Palawan,

surrounded with diverse and luxuriant coral reefs and open seas,

and covered in lush forests,

we are home to a wide array of wildlife,

including the Critically Endangered Irrawaddy dolphin and the Philippine forest turtle, 

several species of marine turtles, marine mammals, endemic birds,

and many other species that are globally significant for conservation. 

Due to COVID-19 community quarantine, leisure travel in our tourism sites will be suspended until June 30, 2020.


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Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua

Travel back in time when you visit the historic Taytay Fort.  This iconic fort was built in 1667 first as a wooden palisade, which was then rebuilt with coral stone in 1721 and completed in 1738.  It was mainly used to defend the town against Muslim warrior-raiders who challenged the Spanish hegemony over the island.  The Fort was named Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua in honor of Spain’s Queen Isabela II.

 Photo by John Miels

Lake Manguao Municipal Conservation Area

The 640-hectare Lake Manguao sits in the hilly areas of Taytay south of the town proper. This best-kept secret — one of the Philippines’ most pristine freshwater lakes — is preserved for its outstanding biodiversity. Surrounded by lush forest, it’s home to 136 species of birds, three lake endemic fish species, and other numerous globally threatened wildlife.

Swimming in the lake is not recommended because of the red cyanobacteria blooms during the dry season.

Taytay Bay
Taytay Bay is located east of the town center, dotted by more than 20 islands and islets that are ideal for island hopping. The islands are mostly fringed by coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and even SCUBA Diving. At least three Marine Protected Areas have been established in the bay to promote protection of the municipality’s marine resources.
Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape

For its rich natural resources, the entire Malampaya Sound and its surrounding forest have been declared as a protected area. It’s where you could kayak and spot the critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphin, frolicking amidst artisanal fishermen whose livelihood source is dependent on Malampaya’s fisheries resources. The sound also has many islands and islets where you can enjoy island hopping and snorkeling activities.

Liminangcong Village

A visit to the Liminangcong village on the northwestern coast of Taytay allows you to experience a typical fishing village communal feel. The laidback Liminangcong serves as the gateway to Malampaya Sound. It’s also a good jump-off point for exploring the nearby islands of El Nido and the beaches on the west coast of Taytay.

Mt. Capoas

The 1,069-meter high Mt. Capoas rises majestically at the western coast of Taytay, making for a picturesque backdrop to the famed Malampaya Sound. As northern Palawan’s highest peak, Mt. Capoas is touted as one of the province’s most scenic mountaineering destinations. Bask in nature as it gives you opportunities to do birdwatching, waterfalls chasing, and camping along its numerous perennial streams.

Debangan Island

Debangan Island is popular for the year-round presence of sea turtles that forage on luxuriant seagrass meadows along its coast. This island is also fringed by one of the longest beach contiguous beaches in Taytay, extending 1.6km long from north to south. With friendly and welcoming people living a traditional fishing community life, Debangan is perfect match for tourists who wants to experience genuine interaction with local communities. In addition, it is a place where one can observe endangered wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Photo by Tommy Schultz, WWF

Beton Island

Feel the tropical vibe as the sun, sand, and sea welcome you to Beton Island. The inviting pristine waters surrounding the island are where you can leisurely snorkel with vibrant reef fishes. Kayaking is also pleasurable particularly towards the island’s verdant mangrove forest where a colony of giant flying foxes roosts on mangrove trees.

Imbaludan Island

If you’re looking for a powdery-white sand beach overlooking crystal-clear turquoise waters, Imbaludan Island (Isla Blanca) is the place to be. Aside from frolicking in the waters and working on your tan on the beach, snorkeling and beginner-level diving are also fun things to try when here, thanks to a healthy coral reef area just off the island.

Nabat Island

Nabat Island is one of the most popular, if not the most popular dive site in Taytay Bay. Reef wall and shallow fringing reefs with schools of fish and sea turtle sightings as usual features of a typical day dive. The island is a limestone outcrop jutting out of the sea surrounded by deep waters reaching 50 meters at the eastern side of the island. Daily dive trips to Nabat may be arranged with Taytay Dive Center, or if you are a guest at one of the resorts, you may also arrange your dive trips with them.

Pabellon Islands

Pabellon Grande and Pabellon Piqueňo (Elephant and Castle Islands) are two karst and limestone islands located in Taytay Bay. These gems are worth-exploring for their pristine white sand beach, coral reefs, cave systems, and lagoons. On calm days, you can kayak around the island. It’s also the site where the premium class edible bird’s nest is harvested by local gatherers known as “boceadores.”

Cuyaoyao Nature Park

Important Announcement: Cuyaoyao Nature Park will be temporarily closed to visitors until June 30, 2020 in relation to COVID-19 pandemic community quarantine. 

Cataban Village’s Cuyaoyao Nature Park is a community-managed ecotourism site featuring five series of waterfalls. Irreplaceable wildlife abounds here, including many native bird species, such as the Palawan peacock pheasant, Blue paradise flycatcher, Palawan blue flycatcher, and Palawan tit. The famous Palawan stink badger also calls this place home.

Pasinggatan Festival

Immerse yourself in Taytay’s rich, colorful culture during the annual Pasinggatan Festival celebration. Pasinggatan is a Cuyuno term from the word “singgat” which means glimmer and luster, qualities attributed to Palawan’s “Star of the North” that is Taytay. Fun-filled festival activities from March up to the first week of May every year await spectators. Among its highlights are the exuberant street dancing, sports competitions, and “Paguetekan” food fair, wherein you can indulge in sumptuous seafood by the bay.  For more updates, please visit the Pasinggatan Festival Page:

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